iPlayerToXBMC is an add-on for Firefox and Firefox mobile that allows you to send video links from the BBC iPlayer website to your XBMC.

The plugin adds links to iPlayer pages while you view them. These links send a command to the Web Interface of XBMC to play the iPlayer file.

This plugin requires the XBMC iPlayer plugin
For now, this plugins requires a modified version of the XBMC iPlayer plugin

This plugin is very new, and also requires some updates to the XBMC iPlayer plugin. The modified version if this plugin is available at https://github.com/AWilco/xbmciplayersender. You must download this manually, for more information, see the install instructions below.

Firefox Mobile

Install instructions

To install the modified XBMC iplayer plugin, go to https://github.com/AWilco/iplayerv2 and use the Download button in the top right to download the source. Extract this source into a folder named plugin.video.iplayer in your xbmc addons directory (see the XBMC Wiki page for the location of your profile directory, the addons folder is in here).

If you already had the iplayerv2 plugin installed, extracting this will overwrite the necessary files. Restart XBMC to make sure the changes take effect.

Go to The installer page and click the button to install the addon in Firefox or Firefox Mobile.

You will need to go the add-on option page to set the details of your XBMC computer. Specifically the host name (or IP address), post (default is 8080), username and password for remote access.

Now you can visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer and start watching your programs!

**This addon is alpha software, if you encounter and problem, please post an issue at [http://code.google.com/p/songbird-telescope/issues/list|my catch-all development page]