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 +===== remoted interface for other plugins =====
 +PROPOSED: to add frontend functionality use following functions from @awilco.net/​remoted;​1 nsIRemoteServer interface registerDirectory(name,​dir) adds a link to directory so that server/name loads files from this directory
 +EITHER: registerFrontPage(title,​iconURL,​linkURL) adds a link on the frontend showing the icon and title text, with a link to linkURL registerSongOperation(title,​linkURL) adds a link on the Song operation page OR: registerHook(hook,​title,​linkURL,​iconURL=null) adds a hook for the given section (e.g. “frontPage”,​ “songOperation”),​ with the title text, and iconURL (may not be shown) and linking to linkURL
 +will need templating options for link URL, such as linkURL = “myext/​songop.sjs?​songId=«songid»”