Playlist Export Tool

The Playlist Export Tool is an add-on for songbird that allows for playlists to be saved as .m3u or .pls files. The original creator of the software compugeek32 has ceased updating the software, so I now maintain a version, available On this website. The add-on is listed on the songbird add-on page.

To install, download the .xpi file in your web browser, then start songbird. From the Tools menu, choose Add-ons. Then below the add-on list select Install. Select the PlaylistExport.xpi file you downloaded and then click Install, songbird will request a restart, and the add-on should then work.

Playlists can be exported by choosing Export Playlists from the File menu. Check of the box of the playlists you want to export (the file and location can be manually changed) and then click Export Playlist(s). settings can be adjusted by clicking “Preferences..” from the Export Playlists box, or by selecting Tools → Addons → Playlist Export Tool → Options.

In the options (preferences) box you can choose the default directory for playlist files. This can be overridden individually when the playlists are exported.
Default Playlist Format: m3u or pls
Make Relative Paths: If checked then paths to songs will be relative to the location of the playlist, useful for if you want to move your songs and playlists around (on by default)
Use Windows-style Separator: Forces playlist export tool to use “\directory\file” Separators in file paths, if not checked /directory/file paths will be used. Note even windows programs should recognise URI / paths, so only check this box if you find you cannot import your playlists on windows computers.